Monday, April 1, 2019

Enviro team 2019

This is our Enviro student team for 2019

We checked out the school projects that are currently on the go.


 We lifted the runners on the kumara  plants to encourage them to make their tubers under the mound where they were planted. They are still growing well in the extended warm weather we are having.


Looking for passionfruit


A really big project currently happening is the rejuvenation of our Nature Trail.
We are standing at the entrance to the track.

The track is being widened.

Tim, who has been working on the track,
tells the children a bit about the work being done.

The track is slowly taking shape. At this end we have extended it. Can you see the Rewarewa trees (with orange tape) that we planted last winter after the Arbour Day event.


Pegs mark where we will plant grasses along the edges of the track.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Creative works

We are learning to look, draw, look when sketching.
We sketched some shells from our Papatuanuku table. 
We practiced shading.



 We painted concentric circles, using the artist Kadinsky as a model.










And then we drew bottles.