Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kitchen Garden

Development of the Kitchen Garden

Hamilton East has a wonderful space behind the hall that we use as a kitchen garden. We grow produce, have some fruit trees and have a composting area. 

Parts of the garden are working well but we have a whole area that is not being used and is looking messy. We would like to create an area that students can sit in as well as do gardening in. Ms Jones has an exciting vision for this part of the kitchen garden: we can build a wall that students can sit on and sketch parts of the garden.

Looking down towards the entrance to the hall
Here are some photos of what the area looks like now 

The end of the garden by the old dental clinic

By the entrance to the hall

 This is Ms Jones' vision created on photoshop.

Students can sit on the seat and the wall creates a planting area above

Ms Jones applied for funding and we were able to build this fantastic wall!!

Here are some photos of the process of  building the wall.

Looking good!

Now whole classes can come down and enjoy the garden and learn about growing plants and sustainability.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

For our inquiry we all made movies about Turangawaewae - Our place. This is the movie Room 2 made about needing to look after our drains and making sure rubbish doesn't go down them.