Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Planting Sunflowers and Potatoes

 On Wednesday, we planted some sunflower seeds in our garden.
We sprinkled the seeds in the soil and then we covered them up.
We used the seeds from last year's sunflowers.
We all had a turn to put some seeds in the garden

 Then, we planted some potatoes in the next garden.
We had to put the potatoes in a different garden to last year.
We had to dig a row for the potatoes so they are deeper in the soil.
We put in some potato food with the potatoes to help them grow.
Then we covered the potatoes with more soil.

We patted down the soil on the gardens.

Now we have to wait and see what happens next.

This week, we asked Dugan to water our gardens for us.
This will help them grow.

The gardens will need lots of water and sunshine to make them grow.

By Room One

Nude Food Day


We had a nude food day. Lots of us brought nude food in our lunch boxes. The whole of Kauri team went down to Putikitiki and had a nude food picnic. It was great we only had to bring a worm bin.  If we had a nude food every day we wouldn't need any rubbish bins.                                    

Bringing fruit is a good way to have nude food because is has a natural wrapping. 
Most fruit has a skin that can decompose. 

Did you know that it takes an  
average of 500 years for a plastic bag to decay? 

Let's try and bring nude food every day.

Post created by Katarina

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nude Food Day

Today is Nude Food Day
Room 14 is celebrating it by not having any wrappers in their lunchboxes.  Instead we are using containers or nothing.


Here is a lunchbox without wrappers. It just has a container to put the food in. We are trying to help care for the environment by having less packaging.
By Tarn and Eva
Room 14