Sunday, April 30, 2017

Healthy lunch boxes

Healthy lunchboxes - By Hassan and Tyson Room 10

I have a sandwich and a apple and a banana
Go - sandwiches are go foods. They give us energy to keep going .
Grow  - Cheese is a grow food because it helps us grow our brains / muscles/
Glow  - bananas and all fruit and vegetables are glow foods.they make glow inside and out with vitamins/ minerals.
What can be in your lunch boxes

  • Banana
  • Sandwich
  • Apple
  • Meat
  • Mango
  • Rice
  • Tuna
  • Salad

Healthy lunchboxes by Isla and Zari, Room 10

These are Go and a Grow foods.
The sandwiches are [Go] foods.
Feijoas are [Glow] foods. These are the the foods in my lunchbox, feijoas, cheese balls, sandwiches and a chocolate muffin.
This is Zari’s lunchbox.  
This is my healthy lunchbox.
In the paper is a {Go} food.It is a wrap.
The feijoas are {Glow} foods.
These are the foods in my lunchbox.
Crackers,prunes,feijoas, wrap and banana chocolate chip thing.
GO FOODS- Wraps are GO foods.
They give us energy to keep going
GROW FOODS-cheese is a grow food because it helps us grow our brain/muscles/bones.
GLOW FOODS-Bananas and all fruit are glow food.

Healthy lunchboxes - By James and Nick, Room 10

My glow food is apple. My go foods are a bun and a hot cross bun. My grow foods was chicken and cheese. My slow food is crackers. - Nick

My glow food is an apple and feijoas. My go food is my sandwich. My slow food is nutella in my sandwich. - James

What are the kinds of healthy food?
A glow food is a fruit or vege. It helps us glow with vitamins
A grow food is a animal products. They help us grow our muscles, bones and brains
A go food is a grain product eg. Bread, plain popcorn and it gives us energy for the day.
A slow food is something with so much sugar or salt or fat eg. chocolate biscuits, chocolate, flavoured water, hot chocolate, marshmallows and pie and pizza.

A very healthy lunchbox would have:

  1. Orange
  2. Apple
  3. Feijoas
  4. Egg
  5. Ham
  6. Chicken
  7. Samwich
  8. Bun
  9. Plain popcorn
  10. Wrap
  11. Banana
In conclusion you should not eat something from the slow list but you should eat 2 go, 2 grow and 1 glow for a balanced diet.