Friday, September 16, 2011

We love NZ

This week was Conservation Week in New Zealand. 
The theme was We Love New Zealand.
Today Room 14 hugged our Redwood tree. It is the tallest tree in our school and its trunk is massive. The Redwood tree provides shade and a home for birds.

Take a look at our vimeo of our Kidpix drawings of what we love about New Zealand.

Our school had an art competition to celebrate Conservation Week. The artwork had to show what we love about our school. Ryan and Tahniah's artwork were in the top 11. They won a marigold plant and Ryan also won a trowel to help him with his gardening.
 Artwork created by Ryan. 
This is our playground on Putikitiki.
Artwork created by Tahniah. 
This is the trees by the Kowhai sandpit.

Blog post by Room 14


  1. Tahniah and Ryan I think that artwork looks amazing because it is detailed. My Mum said that they were fantastic. From Caitlin room 14

  2. WOW! Those pictures look awesome because they stand out lots.
    Tyrone and Tobias

  3. Isn't it great to win things by being so clever? Well done . Pippa