Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pumpkin growing contest - Room 6

Last year the children at Hamilton East School planted pumpkins. They were harvested this week and some will be entered in the pumpkin competition that is happening at the Hamilton Gardens this Sunday.

Look at our photos from today. First we guessed the weight of the pumpkins at Positive Assembly, then Ms Jones weighed them. Some were 3 kilos and the biggest was about 45 kilos. Hine couldn't even lift it!

Room 6 went back to look at the pumpkins. We found the ones that our classes planted last year. Some children were in Room 8 so they looked at the pumpkin they had grown from their plant and some children helped plant the pumpkin for Room 6.

Last year Hine was in Room 14 and that pumpkin grew really funny. We decided it looked like a cat so we carved a cat face. We will enter it in the competition at the Hamilton Gardens on Sunday.

The great pumpkin growing contest on PhotoPeach 

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