Wednesday, April 20, 2016

So with the goal of achieving Green-gold status as an enviro school, what is on the agenda this year?

Here is a list of areas we want to work on this year, there will be more to come so please keep reading and make suggestions if you have any!

Kitchen garden

Develop our kitchen garden and develop an area that can be used for whole classes to come down and sit in. At the moment it is hard for a whole class to come down to the gardens and know what to do. We would like classes to be able to come down and sketch as well as do some planting. We also want to get the gardens a bit more organised and have a lot of usable produce.

Fruit trees

Create an area to start planting a small orchard of fruit trees on Putikitiki.


We are not happy at the amount of rubbish around the school, we are thinking about ways to reduce rubbish and encourage students to bring in less pre packaged food, as this is often much less healthy.

Nature Trail

Can we get the nature trail ready to be used by students?


Continue and improve our composting system – work on educating students about what can be put in the compost and what cannot!


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