Monday, August 1, 2016

New World 'Little Garden' campaign

The supermarket New World has launched its ‘Little Garden’ campaign. Four classes in our school were lucky enough to receive a whole Little Garden set. 

We all planted our seedlings and waited to see whose would grow biggest and best. 

Room 2 had a bit of a mishap and their plants fell over, all the name tags were mixed up so now it will be a surprise crop! 

Room 12 and Room 13 had a bit of a competition. Edie in Room 12 took the seedlings home over the holidays so they had a bit of an advantage. Maybe the seedlings from Room 13 had a bit too much sun…
Here they are beside each other…verdict: Room 12 wins

Room 12 and 13's seedlings
Room 13
Room 12
Room 12

The Enviro-team and Jenny took all the seedlings and planted them in the kitchen garden. We can’t wait to see how they all grow.

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