Sunday, November 6, 2016

Our fight against litter and rubbish!!

One of our big problems at Hamilton East School has been litter around our grounds. This year we decided to have a nude food Wednesday to try and encourage people to come to school with no packaging and just recyclable food containers. This was ok for a little while but didn't do enough.

At the start of term 4 we decided to get serious about the problem!

We removed all the bins from the grounds (don't worry, there is method to our madness), this was not so that people would drop was to make people take their rubbish away!

We want to encourage students to come to school with no packaged, processed food. This will reduce litter and maybe school lunches will become healthier.

So far this has worked quite well but we are still working on being 100% clean!

Here are some posters that our enviro-team member Josh made to spread the message:

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