Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Treemendous School Makeover

Here is our "movie" for our Treemendous School Makeover application. 
We would love some help with making over our Nature Trail.
You can click on this link to have a look at the Treemendous website.

Our Nature Trail from Ham East on Vimeo.


  1. I hope you can win some money in the competition. i would like to walk in the Nature Trail and listen to the birds. from Tylah-Dawnn in room 16

  2. I wish you good luck enviro team. I hope you win the money from Tui

  3. I Hope you win some money. And I like your show by Shaneille room 16

  4. I hope you win some money so we could have a new Nature trail by Rafeea Room 16

  5. I hope you win the money to fix our nature trail because it has not been open in the whole time that Room 10 has been at HES. We would love to explore it and see birds up close.

    We think you've done a great job of making this movie. Well done

  6. i love the way you's are keeping our school clean!!!

    by amokura

  7. Fantastic message from a lovely group of children, I really hope you get to create your dream

    from Rhonda

  8. I love the video and I really hope you are successful. Good luck. Ms Nagels

  9. I really hope that we could get the money to make over our nature trail so that we all can listen to the tui's and bird's .


  10. Wow! The nature trail is looking good because all of the classes are taking care of the plants and birds.The new path way is making the ground less steeper.
    from Leighton and Robert
    Room14 Hes