Sunday, August 7, 2011

Welcome back to Term 3

While we have been on holiday there have been changes around our school.
We have new soccer goals. Flowers have started to grow. We even saw a hedgehog snuffling around middle flat playground.
Take a look at the photopeach to see some of the changes.

Term 3 on PhotoPeach


  1. Awesome!The video was great with the music and the pictures.From Ismail

  2. WOW! room 14 I loved the picture's It was cool when you were trowing up the leave's and the music made me fall of to sleep. I loved your everything you did nice work and well done room 14 and anna. From Abigail room 12.

  3. We like the music too, it was relaxing and sounded like we were in an elevator! The movie shows lots of changes around our school. There were many things we noticed. The hedgehog is cute!

    From Room 10

  4. Wow, thank you Room 14 for showing us all the new changes in our school. It looks fantastic now. We like the new goal posts. from Room 16