Friday, December 2, 2016


At Hamilton East School we use a composting system to make sure all our food scraps can be turned into compost and used to help grow more food. The enviro agents take it in turns to be on compost bin duty.  Their job is to collect the food scraps from the compost bin outside each classroom and bring it to our compost bins in the kitchen garden.


They bring the scraps to these bins and put it in the correct bins. When the compost bin is full we put the label that says 'resting'. This means the compost is full and is becoming usable compost.


Here is one of our enviro agents being interviewed about her role as a compost monitor.

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  1. I have enjoyed working with the Enviro team planting some young native trees down the nature trail. I have also been helping the children with planting, weeding and watering in the Kitchen garden. Congratulations to Room 13 for producing a whole bucket full of worm juice which was diluted by ten to help feed the plants in the wild flower garden! Keep going you are doing a great job and enjoy the visit on Monday. Isobel (volunteer)