Friday, December 16, 2016

We are a Green Gold Enviro school!!!!!

We are very proud to announce that this year we have achieved Green gold status as an Enviro school.

We have worked hard this year to look after our environment and to develop systems so that we can be sustainable. We have been working towards the Green Gold Status for a long time and this term the Enviro Schools team came to visit us and look at what we are doing.

We talked a lot about what it means to be sustainable and all the things we have been doing.

We brainstormed all the different things we do as a school to be an enviroschool and wrote them on 'leaves'. We then sorted them into different groups under these headings.

Empowered students
Sustainable communities
Learning for sustainability
Respect for the diversity of people and culture
Maori perspective

This created an image of a tree, this represents what we are doing and the goals we have for the future.




Here is our finished trees, the leaves represent what we have achieved so far and the nuts on the ground are our goals

The words on the left are the different parts of the description of what being a Green Gold Status school is.
We talked these through and checked that we had achieved these.

 When we had all agreed we had achieved Green Gold Status as a school we all signed the temporary certificate and...we celebrated!!!

As part of our presentation to the Enviro schools team each class created a presentation of the actions they had taken or work they had done towards being an enviro school. They did a great job, here are some examples.

Huge congratulations Hamilton East School on becoming a Green Gold Enviro School. 
Special thanks to Olive Jones and of course thanks to all our volunteers who have helped guide and support our learners.

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