Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Calendar Art

For calendar art this year, students in Room 11 created art pieces that symbolised a perfect environment.

Eva and Xiomy have created an art piece about a native New Zealand bird. Can you guess what bird it is?

Lita has drawn what her ideal environment looks like.
Jimika-Ley has drawn a taniwha in the Waikato river.

Penny has drawn what her perfect day at the beach would look like.

Eric has also created his own taniwha.

Jarek drew what a wharenui looks like.

Mya's version of sunset.

Emerald created an art piece about kowhai flowers.

This is what fish look like from the window of a submarine.

Boxsey used pastel to create a colourful bird in its nest, waiting for its babies to hatch out of their eggs.

 Lacey used leaves from around our school to help her draw these leaves.

Nianna wanted to design a poster that would help encourage people to look after our oceans and our whales.

"This is what our world would look like if we don't look after it" (Liam)

Cyvarn's Taniwha design.

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