Wednesday, October 24, 2012

These I have loved about Autumn By Room 11.

These I have loved about Autumn…

The twirling leaves floating to the ground.
The mountain covered with white fluffy fog.
My muddy gumboots squishing when I walk.
Dripping rain drops.
Staying dry in my nice warm bed, while reading my favourite books.
My mum making me a nice warm pumpkin soup.
Waiting for the last leaf to fall from my favourite tree.
By Tatyana.

Watching movies and eating different flavoured popcorn.
Slurping milo, and feeling it heat my veins.
The feeling of warmth from the heater as it spreads all over my face.
Being warm and snugly in my bed on a cold frosty morning.
By Ronan

The fog that covers my street, trying to find somewhere to stay.
The crimson, orange, and light yellow leaves, that form a carpet straight in front of me.
The dew on the grass, as it just sits there, without a trace of moving.
The leaves as they fall off the bark, brown trees, getting ready for freezing winter.
By Jada.

The leaves, as they twirl to the ground.
The dew, as it drips onto the water.
The sun, as it shimmers across the water.
The water, as it flows up along the beach.
Bugs, as they hide in the trees for shelter from the rain.
The birds singing in the early morning.
The reeds, as they slowly sway from side to side.
The clouds, as they change their shape.
By Tarn

The swaying brown leaves falling off  the tree, uttering their last words before dying.
The juicy smell of the noodles, as it slithers down my throat.
The crazy people sprinting for shelter from the downpour.
The growling mum gives me for looking like a mud monster.
The gumboots, splashing up and down the yucky puddles.
The rain as it pounds on my roof.
By Zara.

The leaves, a wet carpet all around me.
The clouds, falling from the sky.
The fog, cold as a freezer blurring my vision.
The trees, swaying in the cold breeze.
The soup, trickling down my dry throat.
Autumn, a beautiful season.
By Eric

The rain battering against the windows.
The leaves fluttering down to the ground.
The milo swirling in my cup.
The first flickering in the grate.
The books with the words flickering before my eyes.
The puddles growing even bigger.
The movies – horror, comedy and mystery.
By Penny.

These I have loved about Autumn…
The wind rattling my windows.
The trees waving in the breeze.
The leaves looking like a golden carpet.
Rugby season begins.
The rain pouring down.
Spashing gumboots in slippery puddles.
The warm pumpkin soup as it slides down my throat.
Helicopter leaves falling from the trees.
Movie season for my family.
By Lita.

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