Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Room 11 Enviro Page

The Lorax.

Theme - "Unless someone like you, cares a whole awful lot.  Nothing is going to get better...
It's not"By Dr Seuss.

Room 11 created their own version of Dr Seuss story "The Lorax".  Several students wrote their own script for our 3 minute play. "We found it very hard to summarise this book into three minutes, but we did it rather well" (Zara).

Below are the costumes that we created for our performance.

Humming fish outfit.
Here, we cut out the gills for the humming fish outfit.
This is one of the outfits for the Swomee Swans.
We decided to make a modern korowai (feather cloak).
The purple and white pieces of material are the feathers.

 These are Truffula trees.  We made them using bamboo for the trunks.  The Truffula leaves were made out of coloured cardboard.
Some students drew and coloured in the grass part of the trees.
They had a lot of fun creating these trees.

We created two murals for our play.
One mural was when Thneedville was clean and green.
We wanted to show what it looked like when the people from this
village looked after their environment.

The main message for our play was "Unless
someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better...
it's not".
This is the mural we created that would help show what Thneedville looked like when the people from this town didn't look after the environment.

This is what our Brown Ba-Ba-Loots costume looks like.

 Signs for our play, that help to promote keeping our environment clean and green.

These are what the Swommee Swan costumes looked like.  The students all helped to make these costumes.  They were a lot of fun to make, but did take a lot of work.

 These are what the Humming Fish costumes looked like for our Lorax play.

 The Brown Ba-Ba-Loots with their costumes and their Truffula trees.

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