Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Room 11 Tree Planting, 2012

Room 11 Tree Planting.

 For our teachers birthday, our class went tree planting.  It was raining all week, so the ground was very muddy.  We had to make sure we wore old clothes, and footwear that could handle wet muddy grounds.

But lucky for us the day we went planting was a gorgeous day.
These all the native trees we planted.
Here are some  worms that will help the soil  be good enough for the native plants to grow.
Here we are making sure that the native plants are spread out.
Helping each other plant native trees.  

Guess what native plant this is.

Some of the native trees we planted were taller then us.

We had to bring our own spades from home.
Lucky some of us named our spades, because
we kept leaving them on the ground.
The holes where we needed to plant the trees, were already dug for us when we got there. Our job was to take the trees out of their black pots and place into the ground.  Then we had to cover the bottom of the plant with the dirt dug up, and pat it down hard.

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