Thursday, November 8, 2012

Autumn Art and Writing by Room One

At Hamilton East School, 

we have lots of trees. 

 We celebrate autumn - we play in the leaves, we collect leaves and sketch them.

We draw them in Kidpix and we use sharpie and dye to copy the shapes and colours.
I  saw  a  pile  of  leaves  on  the  ground.  They  floated  there.
They  float  like  a  feather  but  they  feel  crunchy.

The  leaves  are  falling  off  the  tree.
The  leaves  are  turning  yellow  and  orange  and  brown. 
The  leaves  are  crunching  up.

Today  I  threw  leaves  and  they  went  into  my  hair.
I  saw  kids  throwing  the  leaves  up.
Then  I  played  with  the  leaves  and  they  went  in  my  hair  again.

I  picked  up  the  leaves.
I  threw  the  leaves  up  in  the  air.
It  was  fun  throwing  the  leaves  up  with  my  friends.


I played  with  the  leaves.
It  was  like  leaf  rain.
It  was  so  much  fun.
They  floated  down  so  fast.
I  like  playing  with  leaves.
Some  came  on  my  head.
It  made  a  big  mess !

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