Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Garden - Akomanga Rima

All of our class went down to the gardens with Sarah.
We looked at what was in our garden.
There was some potatoes that another group of children had grown.

what should we grow in our garden?"

Sarah suggested that we grow some basil and lettuces. 
We were thinking that if our lettuces grew in time we could have a lettuce salad for lunch one day.

Sarah asked us if we knew how long it took for a lettuce to grow from a seed. We gave a lot of different answers. 
Sarah then told us it takes about 7 to 14 days.

We got to sprinkle the seeds on the soil.  

To help our seeds grow we had to water them. 
The watering can was quite heavy. 

We put in ice block sticks with lettuce and basil on them to remind us what we had planted and where it is too.

Not many of our swan plants had germinated. 
Sarah said that the pots we had put seeds in were environmentally friendly and we could rip them up and put them in our garden to help the plants grow.

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