Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Being An Agent of Change in Room 16

Our Term 3 challenge was to be an agent of change, to make a difference.
Room 16 wondered what happened to rubbish?    So ...
We buried six pieces of rubbish in our class garden and left them for six weeks.  What do you think will happen?
We made predictions. 
We found...
* the plastic bag, chippie packet and the can did not change.
* the newspaper was all soft, wet and broken.  It was decomposing.
* the sandwich had disappeared!
* there was a tiny bit of squishy banana left and...
            a banana sticker!
How can we get rid of plastic rubbish?  It lasts forever!
Totara Team collected rubbish for one week.
We tipped it out and sorted it into groups.  
* Plastic
* Muesli bar wrappers
* Chippie packets
* Paper
* Juice boxes
* We even found food rubbish that was supposed to be in the Wormbins!
The muesli wrappers pile was very big.  What could we do?
We would have no wrappers if we made our own muesli bars and put them in containers.
 and we had fun eating them!  Delicious!

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