Thursday, November 8, 2012

Room 14

Harvesting Potatoes
Finally it is time to harvest potatoes.  We pulled and tugged at all of the old potato tops.  The soil was wet, muddy, and icky.  It was exciting and fun.  There were big potatoes and small potatoes.  The potatoes were purple.
By Waimarino

All the branches were old.  We found potatoes on them.  We dug and dug and found a lot and I picked up one.  They were sticky, yucky, sticky, yucky, and sooooo muddy that when I picked up mine it was dirty as dirty as.  Heaps of other people in my class got heaps.  It was a shame I only got one.  Then Fabian, Christopher, and Tylah-Dawnn got heaps.  Not heaps, thousands.  The bucket was full with big ones, small ones, huge ones, and medium ones.  Then they came back with the bucket full of potatoes.  We’re going to have a big feast on Friday. Mmmmm.
By Jordan

Harvesting our Potatoes
The potatoes look like big bunches of grapes.  The potatoes were all bumpy.  Scratch, scratch, scratch.  We dug lots of potatoes.  The soil was really wet.  We had to pull out all of the old plants.  All of the potatoes started lifting up.  We are going to cook them on Friday and eat them all up.  I felt very excited.  I found a whole heap of them.  We all took turns.  We filled up one whole bucket and we nearly got another bucket because there were lots of potatoes.  I can’t wait to eat my scrummy potatoes.  I love harvesting potatoes.
By Chole S

  Cooking our Potatoes

We washed the potatoes that came out of our garden.  We scrubbed them until they were clean.

We cut the potatoes as thin as we could.  The potatoes were purple inside. The potatoes are a lumpy oval shape.  When we cut them we had lots of circle and oval chip shapes.  Then we dried the potatoes off between two kitchen towels.

We painted the potatoes with melted butter so they would brown.  We only used a little bit of butter so they wouldn't burn.  The butter also added flavour and made them taste delicious.

When the oven was hot we put the chips into the oven in a single layer so they would crisp up.

When the potatoes were cooked we added a little salt.  We could smell them cook and were eager to eat them.  When they were cool we munched them all up with delight.

Making a Worm Farm

We decided to use our food scraps and make a worm farm to help our garden keep producing.  Mrs Nicholson found a journal with instructions for us to follow.

 We followed the instruction.  Dugan loaned us a hammer and we made holes in our ice cream container lids.  Sometimes it was hard to get the nail back out.

We chopped up our left over food and put it in the container with some worms that we got out of Dugan's compost bin.


Moving Bark
One day we helped Dugan to move all the bark onto the gardens to help keep them moist and keep the weeks down.  It was heaps of fun.  Some of us had never used a wheelbarrow or a spade before.

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