Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reuse Recycle Reduce by Room 15

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!

This year Room 15 has enjoyed learning in our environment.  Our city is a beautiful place and we want to learn how we can look after it.

My city is
A fast waving river called the "Waikato"
Swimming in the pretty gardens.
The best netball "Magics" winning the champions cup.
The winning mighty "Chiefs" rugby team.
Running along the wet silky playground grass.
Hot air balloons blowing into the sky.
Fairfield bridge arching up and down.
The beautiful town shops.
Healthy trees growing on the farms.
..and that is my Hamilton.
By Lilli

My city is 
Peaceful rivers.
Ducks squawking out for bread at the lake.
Sweet little fantails tweeting aloud
Kowhai tree flowers slowly drifting down to the ground.
The lovely totara and kauri trees
Hot air balloons flying up in the sky.
..and that is my Hamilton
By Alice

  We have explored many ways we can reuse, recycle our resources and reduce the rubbish we make.  

In our garden we had crop of marigold flowers.

At the end of summer we preserved some of our beautiful flowers in a flower press.


What happens to all the leaves that fall to the ground?

Dugan explained how our oak tree leaves break 
down and decompose. They help to form the top layer of soil. 
Sketches of leaves showing their veins.  

I like raining leaves.  They look like flying angels gliding through the air.  Red and gold, orange and brown and yellow too.  All falling down to earth.  Autumn is my favourite season.  We can play in the leaves and jump in it.  Down on Putikitiki it was windy.  
By Namrata

Making  a Worm Farm

Bang!Bang! We created drainage holes in our containers.

The worms are slowly breaking 
down some of our lunch scraps. 
We made sketches of the worms we studied.

We have enjoyed recycling our waste paper this year.

Little Recycled Drums

We wanted to make our drum  bright and colourful.
We can reuse rubbish.
We collected cylinders to make into musical shakers.

We need to cooperate to tie the ends on.

Look at our recycled creations.

   Paper Beads

Bead-making production line
Colourful recycled bead necklace
The designing of patterns

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