Friday, November 9, 2012

Nature trail writing by Room 12

We walked through the nature trail and wrote stories about our experience. We are learning to look at the environment around us and use language features in our writing.

I'm in the middle of the nature trail when I heard a big crack. I jumped with fright. I carried on through the nature trail and the trees parted like I am the queen walking in the palace and the trees are the guards on the wall. The birds are singing like an orchestra at a play. The cicadas sit in the trees playing hide and seek singing to their friends to find them. I follow along the path where it is lighter. I see Putikitiki and the playground. It starts to spit as we get to Putikitiki and the trees drip water on us. 
By Emily

I was walking in the nature trail. I heard the bee's buzzing. I heard the call of the bird's song. I felt the tree leaves falling down. The cicada's are hiding away until it's transformation. The line of the nature trail ends. 
By James

Cicadas singing, leaves crushing as I walk through a green, bushy trail. Underneath my feet I hear a 'crack' and a 'crunch'. The sound of branches breaking. Birds flying through the air from tree to tree. We are quiet so we can hear the birds,insects and cicadas. The wind was blowing the trees like they were nothing. I could feel the cold, breezy air rushing me towards the steep banks. The hill going down was tricky because it wasn't even. The nature ends with two plants on either side and it leads you down bottom.
By Ariana

In my tummy I felt excited to go down the stairs. I loved the leaves falling on me. It was ticklish. Some of the nature trail was dark. 
By Jessica


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